It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves -Edmond Hillary​​

Reiki Sessions

  • Reiki helps to clear out energetic blocks that you may be having to connect with your higher self
  • Helps you to see things clearly
  • Balances emotions, and helps to bring all bodies spiritual, mental, emotional and physical into harmony
  • As a practitioner I will able to help you to reach your goals, and help bring to light certain areas of your life that may need work
  • Everyone can benefit from Reiki, even animals
  • We will be able to target certain energy centers of the body known as the chakras
  • You will notice transformation over time

Tarot Sessions

  • Offer guidance that will help your overall well being​​
  • stepping stones to help propel you forward in your life
  • highlights where you need to focus your energy
  • important advice that naviagtes you like a GPS system
  • I can answer questions and focuses you may have regarding
  • love life, career and more

I offer phone readings, Skype readings, in person, and 
email readings. 

The offerings are below. If you have any further questions 
please feel free to email me at [email protected]